Saturday, May 22, 2010

5x06-The Vampires of Venice-5 TARDISes

 Story:  Vampires are in Venice-or are they?  The Doctor, Amy, and Rory find out.

This is your typical Dr Who story, like many before it.  Some aliens are itchin' to own some real estate on our planet, and to hell with the hairless apes who live there.  In walks the Doctor, he meddles, he finds stuff out, figures out what is going on, and then defeats the aliens. But this one is different, and I give it 5 TARDISes

For one thing,  it's funny and fun.  The Doctor's and Amy's acting in this one was superb and the dialogue was just fun.  The Doctor and Amy jumping up and down in glee as they speak at the same time about seeing vampires, Rory fighting one with a broom, and the Doctor's reaction to the Brides "This is Christmas!" while not laugh out loud moments, got a few laughs from me.  "Stop talking, brain thinking, hush!"

Along with this, the sub-plot really gives the episode 5 TARDISes.  The interaction between Rory and the Doctor were excellent, and really developed Rory's character from the doofus in the first episode to a brave, insightful man who might actually be good enough for "our Amy."  Rory's dialogue on why the Doctor was dangerous was a great moment.  It was two stories in one-Rory's acceptance of what the Doctor does, and his understanding of why he and Amy do it, and the Save the World from the Aliens story.  Bravo.

There were some subtle moments too.  When the flower girl was attacked and screamed, Rory hesitated while Amy just started running, with Rory starting to understand what is happening to Amy. Near the end the Doctor orders Amy and Rory back to the TARDIS.  On the way they meet a Vampire (alien) that Rory fends off while Amy finds a way to destroy it.  After the destruction and a really good kiss, Amy realizes that the Doctor thought something like that would happen and that Rory had changed, which is probably why he sent them to the TARDIS in the first place.  Amy gets this and they go back to the doctor.

I did notice a bit of time-saving on this episode.  I had to google to find Isabella's father's name.  There was no "Hello, I'm the Doctor" moment.  And there was no reaction from the crowd when the TARDIS materialized and two strangely dressed men and a scandalously dressed woman appeared.  In the older episodes, before its revival, Dr Who had 2 hours per story to do all that kind of stuff.   The audience knows that stuff by heart, and the newer viewers should be inured to that too.  In any case, I like this change and very much hope this level of intelligent storytelling is carried on.

One and really only one peeve:  the perception filter.  I guess I am going to have to accept as the new technobabble.  But blah.

Next Time:  Amy's Choice

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