Saturday, May 15, 2010

5x05-Flesh and Stone-3 out of 5


Story:  In the second part of this two-part episode, the Doctor must defeat the Weeping Angels and find out why Amy Pond is so important to the history of the universe.

I wanted to give this episode 4 out of 5 but while it was a good episode, it did not have the real impact of "The Beast Below" but the excellent acting of all the cast, especially Iain Glen (a Shakespearean actor) made up for it. 

The story itself though...when you bring back a monster to a series, changing the main narrative of said monster changes things.  I watched this episode, and every time the monsters did something they didn't do before I said "but..."  The Daleks in "Victory of the Daleks" acting like servants was very out of character, but in the end they were just acting.  This story took all the original attributes of the angels and changed them so that they became a different creature.  Lesson:  don't change the tangible, change the intangible.  Don't change the angel's attributes: change their motivations, show their personality.  But if you can't do the story with that monster because of its main attributes, use a different monster. Make up a different monster.  The Doctor should have the cred to make the new monster scary just on his word.

I have read a few reviews that really panned Amy trying to seduce the Doctor, feeling that it was too early for this to be happening.  I disagree and feel that these reviewers had forgotten a few things. First,  Amy is not the most emotionally stable person.  She had gone to see four psychologists. She definitely has abandonment issues.  When the Doctor left her all alone in the ship, she had been abandoned again.  She was in a situation where she could have died.  That gives a boost to the libido.  After all of that, she probably didn't want to be abandoned again.  She worked for Kiss-O-Gram.  Then there is her insistence that the Doctor was just like everyone else.  Putting all these together, it seems reasonable to assume she would use sex to keep someone as special as "The Raggedy Doctor" from leaving again.

So the story arc unfolds and we find the original event that spawns all the cracks happens on June 26, 2010, which happens to be Amy's wedding day. River Song mentions the Pandorica since she has lived through it and hints that the man she killed was the doctor.  This was hinted at so hard by her and the Bishop that I think it really isn't the Doctor she kills.

By the way, this will make the third story where a wedding is very involved in the story, after "Father's Day" and "Runaway Bride."

Next Time:  "Vampires of Venice"

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