Saturday, May 8, 2010

5x04-Time of the Angels

Story:  The Doctor rescues River Song, who is working with the Church to retrieve one of the Weeping Angels.

This is part one of a two part series.  Crafting a message to the Doctor, River Song (who is not yet a Dr.) manages to get herself rescued after jumping out of an airlock on the starship Byzantium.  In the TARDIS she takes control and flies it after the Byzantium, which crashes on the planet Alpha Metraxis (spelling).  When they land, River Song tells the Doctor that what the ship was carrying was a Weeping Angel, one of the most dangerous life forms in the universe.  Along with some members of the Church who are dressed in combat gear (the Church has moved on) they attempt to find and capture the Angel.  Amy sees a video of an Angel, and nearly becomes one herself. The ship has crashed into a temple, and the group must walk through a "Maze O' Death" to get to it.  On the way up, the statues which inhabit the maze turn out to be starving angels themselves, and the radiation from the starship's engines is bringing them back to life.  They surround the group, the doctor has an idea, aaaand cliffhanger...

Things I liked:

  • River Song, of course.  She has style.
  • The Weeping Angel.  Scary scary...
  • "Are you all Mr. Grumpy Face today?" "It's not supposed to make that leave the brakes on"
  • The Church has moved on.  It felt Warhammer 40k ish.  I'm sure that there are some WH40k players on the crew.  "For the Emperor!"
  • The Doctor getting his comeuppance from the Bishop. 
  • The crack didn't show up.
Things I didn't like:
  • I thought the gear the Church had was too 21st century, not enough 55th.  Budgets, budgets...
  • "Perception filter"  
  • Not buying Matt Smith as the Doctor yet.  I will give it some time.
  • The crack shows up in the next episode.
Other thoughts:
  • Not much. I liked this episode, and look forward to the conclusion. 

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