Monday, April 26, 2010

5x01-Eleventh Hour

Story:  The 11th incarnation of the Doctor crash lands, saves the world, and gets the girl (well, he gets a new companion).

  As an introduction to a new Doctor this episode does the job.  As a story, this one left a few things to be desired.  Anyone who has watched the entire new series will remember when the Doctor (David Tennant) met his new companion Martha Jones in the Season 3 opener.  In that story an escaped alien prisoner was hunted by the Jadoon, who transported a hospital to the moon to quarantine the alien.  Using the "escaped alien prisoner" narrative was a little bit of a let down, especially since it's a new series and a new companion.  Too many coincidences.
  What saves the episode and gives it 3 Tardises out of 5 is the way the story was told.  The Doctor visits Amelia Pond at 3 different times in her life, once when she was a little girl, and fixes the crack in her wall, which allowed an alien prisoner to escape, then 12 years later when he captures the prisoner and saves the world, and then 2 years later when he asks Amy to join him. (the TARDIS has some problems).  The chemistry between Pond and the Doctor is really good. 

Things I liked:
  • Amelia Pond (the young girl)-Brilliant acting.
  • Amy Pond (grown up)-Again, brilliant acting, casting, and character.  She refuses to be awed by the Doctor, like Donna Noble, but is not "OY!" about it.  Instead she has the gentleness and playful nature of Rose Tyler.  She is not intelligent like Martha, but is clever.  Like all companions, she notices things that others don't.
  • Dialogue:  "You're Scottish.  Fry something."  "Basically, run."  
  • The TARDIS seems to be alive.  At the end of the episode the key to it glows with energy similar to the Doctor's when he regenerates, and he calls her "dear."  I had read that they were going to make the TARDIS more alive, and  I am all for it, as long as its low key and not in your face.  Talking is right out of the question.  Oh, and not to mention the new TARDIS interior.  A bit less organic and more industrial.  Oh, and the pinball machine is win.
  • The TARDISs' control being a bit wonky.  See above.
Things I didn't like:
  • The Doctor's new taste bud gag went a little too long.  
  • Amy's wedding dress scene.  I understood that Amy was going with the Doctor to get in some excitement before she got married and settled down to a boring life.  Even before the shot of the dress, this was evident. 
  • Foreshadowing:  The crack is a foreshadow of some epic end of season extravaganza.  We get the crack in Amelia's room, the prophecy from the alien prisoner, and the read out on the TARDISs' screen.  Fine...yawn...thanks for the hint.  Now can you turn off the 50 foot neon "FORESHADOW" sign plskthx?
Other thoughts:
I have the feeling that Amy is destined to die.
Where was her aunt?  There seems to be some backstory that may be filled later.

Next Time:  The Beast Below

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